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Welcome to Germain Volkswagen, Your New & Used Volkswagen Dealership in Columbus, Ohio


We are Germain Volkswagen, a customer-approved dealership for all new Volkswagen purchases and used car sales in Columbus, Ohio. We also attend to the needs of our customers in Hilliard, Dublin and Grove City. Here at Germain Volkswagen, our knowledgeable staff members are committed to bringing in the latest Volkswagen models and trims. We will help you get into the car of your dreams and drive off of the lot in a jiffy. New Volkswagen vehicles essentially sell themselves thanks to their quality build materials, performance, excellent resale value, and reliability.

Financing and Leasing a Volkswagen

Volkswagen is famous for making its leasing exceptionally easy for anyone to walk in and drive away with a new Volkswagen. Leasing is a great way to step into a brand-new vehicle with low monthly payments, little or no down payments, and a short duration of ownership that doesn't entrap you in a vehicle that you don't love. Financing is superior if you plan on customizing your vehicle down the line, making repairs yourself after the warranty is up, and plan on incurring higher miles than a lease may allow (more than 15,000 a year). People who purchase some of the iconic high-end models are really thrilled about keeping them for their collectible values. Leasing has the advantage of allowing you to purchase the vehicle outright at the termination of the lease and can, thus, provide people interested in leasing the opportunity to wait on their purchase decision.

Used Volkswagen Vehicles for sale near Columbus, OH

People love their Volkswagen vehicles so much that it may be hard to find well-maintained and pristine models on the market. Our dealership, however, has the resources to recondition these vehicles to bring out their optimal value. When you are looking for an excellent source of used Volkswagen models, Germain Volkswagen is the premium choice. Not only do we have used Volkswagen vehicles, but we also have a large variety of well-kept vehicles that are traded-in. Our diverse selection and the thoroughly inspected vehicles that we sell are what make us a draw for shoppers from all over Ohio. In fact, many of the used Volkswagen cars that we sell have been maintained by our factory-trained technicians since the day of sale as a safeguard on ensuring their quality.

Authorized Volkswagen Service

You should never let an ordinary repair shop touch your Volkswagen. Even something as simple as disconnecting the battery can have serious inadvertent consequences. Anytime that the battery dies or is disconnected on a Volkswagen, as is often done as a safety measure for many services, the throttle body has to be realigned through a computer process. If you do not have this process calibrated properly with factory computer systems, your vehicle will function far below its potential in an infinite state of running in limp mode. This means that the fuel mapping will never become dynamic and will waste gas and increase emissions. In addition, we only used Genuine Volkswagen parts that we know you can rely upon.


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