Understand What the Viscosity of Your Motor Oil Means

You have probably seen some numbers and letters on a bottle of motor oil at some point. For example, you may recall a particular brand of motor oil being listed as 10W-30. These numbers actually mean something. They refer to the property of the oil, more specifically, the viscosity.

Viscosity is a measure of how slowly the liquid moves or flows. A high viscosity indicates that a liquid is thicker and moves more slowly. Low viscosity means that a fluid will flow quickly, almost like water! The first number in the motor oil packaging refers to the viscosity of the motor oil at a cold temperature or starting engine temperature. The second number refers to the operating or heated engine viscosity of that specific motor oil.

It is essential to use a motor oil with the right viscosity to protect your engine from friction and overheating. We at Hatfield Volkswagen have a skilled maintenance and repair team that will gladly change your oil and ensure you have the proper engine oil viscosity according to manufacturer specifications. Visit us in Columbus, Ohio the next time you need an oil change.

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