Introducing the Connected Volkswagen Passat

If you have ever wanted to check up on your vehicle but didn't have the opportunity to physically see it, Volkswagen has you covered. The new Passat is available with the VW Car-Net Security and Service package. Drivers will be able to monitor and control their vehicle from anywhere in the world.

The innovative package works with a compatible smartphone. The car connects to the service remotely and provides you with in-depth information. One of the most useful features is the open vehicle notification system. If you accidentally leave your doors open or unlocked, you'll be alerted. The system even lets you lock the door with a swipe of your finger.

The team here at Hatfield Volkswagen is excited to show off the rain-sensing feature. The car's built-in sensors will let you know if it starts raining while your sunroof is open. This can help you keep your car secure and protect the interior finish.



Categories: New Inventory
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