Schedule Timely Maintenance of Your Car's Filters

If you had a chance to visit us at Hatfield Volkswagen, then you understand how valuable cabin and engine air filter replacements are. In order for your cabin to maintain its dust-, debris-, or pollutant-free state, you will have to ensure that a working air filter is in place. The same concept applies to an engine filter that is protecting your motor.

Both of these filters are replaceable once your car has endured 20,000 to 30,000 miles. This is because of the typical wear and tear that will take place. Failing to do proper maintenance can result in the filter clogging your cabin airways or getting shredded in the engine and reducing its useful life.

In order to keep your vehicle properly running and minimize the chances of malfunction, you should visit our experts at Hatfield Volkswagen. Getting a certified professional to evaluate the state of your filters can aid your car's longevity!

Categories: Parts
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