Can Brake Pad Noise Indicate Severe Wear?

Brake pads are small, sometimes rectangular components that fit around your rotors, which are spherical metal parts attached directly to the wheels. While brake pads might be physically small, they have big jobs to do in keeping you and your family safe during your Columbus, OH adventures.

When you press your brake pedal, brake fluid surges down your lines to your brake calipers. The calipers then transmit this pressure to the pads, which then transmit friction to the rotors. This cascade of events works to slow your vehicle down.

Under normal operating circumstances, most kinds of brake pads are relatively quiet. That said, sometimes brake pads begin to squeal, and this sound can indicate the presence of brake pad problems. While brake-squeal may indicate damage, it may also simply indicate the presence of foreign objects or other contaminants.

To get the best information about potential brake pad issues, it is important to get the opinions of trained, certified brake-system specialists. At Hatfield Volkswagen, we field brake-system experts with years of experience in diagnosing brake pad issues. To take advantage of their skills, swing by our Columbus auto service location today for a fast, no-obligation consultation.

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