The Role of Your Tire Pressure Sensor Light

Air does not stay permanently locked inside of a tire. Normal use, damage to the tire or change in temperatures can all lead to a loss of tire pressure. In some cases, a tire may be deflated to an unsafe level. This is when your tire pressure sensor will light up on the dashboard.

Most vehicles have sensors within the tire itself that will send reports to the car's internal computer. Therefore, it is possible that only one tire is not properly inflated. In newer vehicles, the information system within the center console will tell you which tire is having a problem and how much pressure it has.

If the tire sensor light goes off, it is important that you go to Hatfield Volkswagen in Columbus at your earliest convenience. Doing so may make it possible to examine the tire and ensure that it hasn't suffered any damage. You can order new tires or see about a tire rotation at our dealership.

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