Cooling Tube Clogs and Overheating

Your engine cooling system has many things in common with a biological circulatory system. It has a pump, liquid-carrying vessels, and even virtual capillaries. These capillaries are actually called radiator core cooling fins. These relatively tiny members of the cooling system family combine their forces to help remove heat from the surface of radiator cores. While not easily accessible, these small parts can be damaged, and this can lead to overheating.

Two common sources of cooling fin damage are physical trauma and clogs. Physical trauma may occur for many reasons, including automobile accidents and service mistakes. This damage can take different forms, but the fins may be flattened or even crushed by blunt forces.

Clogging is another clear and present danger and can occur due to radiator system additives. In either case, the results can be overly high engine temperatures and expensive repair jobs. Thankfully, here at our Columbus, OH area facility, we offer our customers the skills of our certified cooling system professionals. They have the tools and the techniques to root out all of your system's issues, and can even help you to upgrade selected components. To have a quick, no-pressure conversation with us, driver by Hatfield Volkswagen today.

Categories: Service
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