Don't Forget the Brake Fluid

We all know our vehicles need regular maintenance such as oil changes, replacement bulbs, windshield wiper replacements and tire rotations. What many drivers forget is to check or replace brake fluid. Our brakes tend to get neglected until they’re no longer working as they should. Let our Volkswagen service experts take care of your brakes for you. Stop in today.

Our brake fluid is the one thing that helps us stop our vehicles. Over time, it gets diluted with moisture and also collects debris. Even if your brakes are working well, it’s important to have the brake fluid drained and replaced and to have the brakes bled.

Whether your brakes are acting up or your vehicle is ready for its annual checkup, let us service your vehicle. We’ll check the brake fluid and anything else your vehicle may need. Visit us in Columbus, OH or call today for an appointment.

Categories: Service
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