Tire Sizes are Easy to Read

We here at Hatfield Volkswagen often get asked how to read tire sizes, and we're happy to announce this isn't nearly as difficult as it seems. Check the beginning of the size number for a letter or two. If it starts with a P, then this is a standard passenger vehicle tire. LT-type tires are made for light trucks.

The digits before the forward slash indicate the width of the tires measured in millimeters. For instance, if you had a P200 tire then your tire is 200 millimeters wide. The next two digits represent a ratio of the height of the tire's cross-section measured against the width. If your number began with P200/60, then this means that the height is equal to 60 percent of the width.

You'll probably see the letter R next, which indicates you're looking at a radial tire. Most modern consumer-grade ones are. The final digits indicate the diameter of the tire. Take down all the digits you see and head over to our showroom in Columbus, OH the next time you need tire replacements for your vehicle.

Categories: Parts
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