Protecting Vehicles From Road Salt Can Promote Durability

Here at Hatfield Volkswagen, we try to go the extra mile to help our customers and other drivers to protect their cars from unnecessary damages. One source of potentially serious vehicular damage that is often overlooked is common road salt. While this valuable substance can and does promote safety, if it is left uncleaned it can do a number on sensitive vehicle components.

During winter months in cold latitudes, road salt tends to collect in snow and ice deposits. During normal vehicle operations, this salt contaminated ice and snow can and does find its way underneath vehicles as well as around sensitive body panels. This salt can be highly corrosive, and thus can damage the paint and even specific components of vehicles.

The good news is, drivers who take a few simple steps can combat and defeat the forces of road salt corrosion. Firstly, winter drivers should make sure to thoroughly wash their cars every few days. Specifically, drivers who operate heavily in such conditions should clean their cars at least once a week. In addition, when ambient outdoor temperatures rise well above the freezing point vehicle operators should take such opportunities to wash their vehicles.



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