Fuel Mileage, Your Wallet and Your AC - A Partnership That Can Reap Savings

Here at Hatfield Volkswagen, we recognize that gas savings are a high priority for most. We want to help you get the most out of your new car and see you drive as far as the road takes you.

Hot weather can actually increase fuel mileage as warm air flows more easily around your car, so summer is a great time to find your new ride. You can increase fuel efficiency by simply turning the settings no lower than you need to stay comfortable. Air conditioners also work better at higher engine speeds so save the AC for the highway. Two tips: park in the shade and crack the windows at slower speeds.

Along with good maintenance, these nearly insignificant changes in habits can yield significant results in economy and let you enjoy AC guilt free. We here at Hatfield Volkswagen are happy inspect your vehicle in our service department.



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Tags: Fuel Economy
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