Volkswagen Tiguan is Engineered for Your Safety

No vehicle can guarantee your complete safety on the road, but the Volkswagen Tiguan sure tries hard in that department. This compact SUV is packed with features that help you stay safe, no matter what type of situation you encounter. Here is why our staff loves this car.

A number of features anticipate possible problems, thus helping you to avoid crashes. The intelligent crash response system deploys airbags, turns off the fuel pump and initiates a number of other actions that can help prevent turning a bad situation into one with insurmountable consequences.

Automatic post-collision braking will help slow your vehicle down after a collision to help prevent further damage to your own car, others around you, and even surrounding properly. In addition, you will also get a safety cage with front and rear crumple zones that help protect all the occupants in the event of a crash.


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