The New Volkswagen Golf Puts Passenger Safety First

The new Volkswagen Golf is a stylish, agile, and popular compact vehicle. While this vehicle goes far toward offering fuel efficiency and tight handling, it also puts great emphasis on putting the safety of its occupants first. To this end, this vehicle fields features such as specially designed crumple zones and post-collision safety tools.

While the Volkswagen Golf is certainly diminutive in size, it offers drivers and passengers the kind of protection that is associated with much larger vehicles. The new Volkswagen Golf design package includes both significant crumple zones and well-built safety cages. The crumple zones absorb most of the impact associated with accidents, while the safety cages work hard to keep occupants healthy and whole.

That's not all, because the newly designed Volkswagen Golf also includes special design features that can minimize post-accident issues. For example, the new Golf includes Volkswagen’s Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS). This proprietary system keeps vehicle occupants safe by turning on hazard lights, deactivating door locks, and disabling fuel pumps in the event of airbag deployments.


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