Installing Your Child's Safety Seat Correctly

An improperly installed safety seat could leave your child vulnerable to injury in the event of an accident. At Hatfield Volkswagen, we care about the safety of your family. So just to be safe, let's go over some guidelines on how to install a safety seat correctly.

An important factor when choosing a seat for your child is using one that coincides with the age of your child, as not all safety seats are the same. After reading the instructions provided by the maker of the seat, find the anchors in the rear seats of the car or use the seat belt to place the infant seat securely in place. If there are no anchors, be sure that you lock the seat belt into place.

Check your work by shaking the seat from side to side to test its security. Place your child inside safely and comfortably. You can test drive a car the whole family will love at Hatfield Volkswagen.



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