Cooling Tube Clogs and Overheating

Your engine cooling system has many things in common with a biological circulatory system. It has a pump, liquid-carrying vessels, and even virtual capillaries. These capillaries are actually called radiator core cooling fins. These relatively tiny members of the cooling system family combine their forces to help remove heat from the surface of radiator cores. While not easily accessible, these small parts can be damaged, and this can lead to overheating.

Two common sources of cooling fin damage are physical trauma and clogs. 


Can Brake Pad Noise Indicate Severe Wear?

Brake pads are small, sometimes rectangular components that fit around your rotors, which are spherical metal parts attached directly to the wheels. While brake pads might be physically small, they have big jobs to do in keeping you and your family safe during your Columbus, OH adventures.

When you press your brake pedal, brake fluid surges down your lines to your brake calipers. The calipers then transmit this pressure to the pads, which then transmit friction to the rotors. This cascade of events works to slow your vehicle down. 


Schedule Timely Maintenance of Your Car's Filters

If you had a chance to visit us at Hatfield Volkswagen, then you understand how valuable cabin and engine air filter replacements are. In order for your cabin to maintain its dust-, debris-, or pollutant-free state, you will have to ensure that a working air filter is in place. The same concept applies to an engine filter that is protecting your motor.

Both of these filters are replaceable once your car has endured 20,000 to 30,000 miles. 


Keep Your Fuel Topped Off This Winter

There are many motorists who have not heeded our advice, placing themselves in undesirable driving situations. We want our Columbus, OH Volkswagen customers to make sure to keep their vehicle's fuel tanks filled with fuel in the winter time.

Don’t be like the motorists that had to find out firsthand the importance of keeping adequate fuel in the tank. 


Don’t Waste Oil or Money

Changing your oil at 3,000 miles doesn't help it any if it is a newer car. It doesn't add to the performance, efficiency, or overall reliability of the vehicle. What changing your car's oil every three thousand miles does do is create an excessive waste of oil supplies. It also adds to your budget in regards to gas money needed to travel to the service center to get your oil changed and time spent waiting for it to be replaced.

The 3,000 mile myth might sound like a good one because people may buy into…


Traditional or Winter Wiper Blades?

When it comes to the maintenance of vehicles, the windshield wipers are often overlooked. However, the Hatfield Volkswagen service team recommends that you make sure you have the correct windshield wipers on your vehicle at all times. You should always replace your wipers when needed, but you also should keep in mind that the weather plays a part in what kind of wipers your vehicle needs.

In warm weather, traditional wiper blades work very well. In the winter, sometimes they don't work so well. 


A Dealership Has the Goods

If you need to get your vehicle serviced, take it to a dealership. Don't waste your time at a private mechanic where you never know what you will get.


Winter Emergency Advice for Your Car

With winter weather fast approaching in Columbus, Ohio, it's time to gather together emergency supplies for your vehicle. A kit should contain blankets to keep you warm, a few snacks and water, and some jumper cables. You will also need a way to get out of the snow and ice if your tires get stuck. How can Hatfield Volkswagen help?

It has been brought to our attention that there are a variety of traction-improving substances you can use to get your wheels moving this winter. You can store rock salt in your car, which melts the ice and provides…


Vehicle Financing and Easy Online Applications

Doing things from home can feel like a pure luxury. It can help you make better decisions. It can help you focus. It can also give you the convenience of extra time. If you want to fill out a vehicle financing application with ease, then you should get in touch with our expert Volkswagen finance team at Hatfield Volkswagen.

We're known throughout the community for our online vehicle financing applications.


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