Tips That Can Be Used to Reduce Glare on Your Windshield

If you are driving after the sun has gone down, only to realize that you have a pretty bad glare going on in the area of your windshield, then you might appreciate learning more about some tips that you can use to reduce glare. Let's take a closer look.

Don't use lights inside of your vehicle. The interior cabin lights can cause quite a glare on the interior of your windshield. Keep the inside of your windshield clean. It might look clean during the sunny day, but once the sun sets, you notice that there are a lot…


Volkswagen Golf SportWagen: Roomy and Efficient Design

The Volkswagen Golf SportWagen is a hatchback that thinks it is an SUV. The engineers at Volkswagen knew that sometimes you need a just a little more room than your average sedan, but you are not quite ready for an SUV yet. Let’s see how they solved this dilemma.

The Volkswagen Golf SportWagen has fold-down seats that can give you up to 66.5 cubic feet of cargo space. This is comparable to a small SUV. It also has roof racks that allow you to carry even more gear with you on your adventure.




The Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned Program Makes Buying Used Less Stressful

When buying a used vehicle, there are often myriads of options. The process can be intimidating and overwhelming. It doesn't need to be, though. At Hatfield Volkswagen, we try to make your experience as pleasant as possible. And one of our favorite ways to guarantee this is the Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned Program.

The program includes tons of benefits for those interested in a used Volkswagen. First, regardless of the vehicle you choose, you will have access to 24/7 assistance. 

Navigating the World of Tires

As you gain experience in driving, you are going to find out that there is more to tires than just changing them out when they lose their treading. You also have to think about the factors that influence the rate of wear and tear on the tires you are driving on.

One factor is the temperature. Certain types of tires are going to wear out faster in the weather. These are the winter tires. They wear out more quickly in warmer weather because they are designed for driving in cold weather and in the ice and snow for traction. 


Protecting Vehicles From Road Salt Can Promote Durability

Here at Hatfield Volkswagen, we try to go the extra mile to help our customers and other drivers to protect their cars from unnecessary damages. One source of potentially serious vehicular damage that is often overlooked is common road salt. While this valuable substance can and does promote safety, if it is left uncleaned it can do a number on sensitive vehicle components.

During winter months in cold latitudes, road salt tends to collect in snow and ice deposits.  


Volkswagen Golf SportWagen: Fun and Sporty Through and Through

The new Volkswagen Golf SportWagen exemplifies the very best of Volkswagen design. This popular hatchback boasts a bevy of unique features engineered to turn heads on corners everywhere. The Golf enthusiasts at Hatfield Volkswagen are eager to invite you into our showroom so that we can demonstrate to you all of the fun and sporty features of this venerable vehicle.

The Golf SportWagen is the epitome of versatility with its unique 60/40-split folding rear seat. When folded down, this seat gives the Golf 66.5 cubic feet of cargo space.  


What Makes the Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned Program so Appealing?

If you want to buy with confidence, you owe it to yourself to check out the Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned Program. Not only can it make buying a used Volkswagen more straightforward, but it can enhance your driving experience in some huge ways. At Hatfield Volkswagen, it's one of our favorite offers. Let's take a look at why it's such an appealing proposition.

The warranties are the first of the program's many invaluable benefits. These warranties will cover the expenses of repairs and restorations that occur within the timeframe. For 2016 and 2017 models, the warranty lasts…


The Importance of a Winter Survival Kit

If you live in an area of the country that experiences some pretty severe cold temperatures and snow, it is a good idea to have a winter survival kit packed away in your vehicle. This kit will keep you safe and warm if you end up stranded during a cold winter storm. These items tend to be very affordable, but they will make a big difference if you are stuck in the cold.

  • Have some non-perishable food items and water available to keep you nourished.
  • A blanket will provide you with warmth.
  • Instant hot packs can be used to keep…

A Car Battery Can't Handle Extreme Temperatures

Cold air and hot air can impact a battery's power capacity. Arctic air creates frost on a battery, which can delay the process of cranking a car. Heat affects a battery in a different way, and this is why you must always take practical steps to keep your car out of muggy environments on a very hot day.

Although winter weather harms a battery, it usually causes temporary problems. After ice melts under a hood, a thawed battery will continue to produce power in an efficient manner. When a battery is surrounded by intense heat, the lead acid has…


Discover the Volkswagen Golf's Performance Features

In the compact car class, Volkswagen consistently provides drivers with stylish vehicles that perform well either on the highway or around town. Its popular Golf is an enduring design honed over decades. A favorite with drivers, it offers a roomy cabin, comfortable interior and plenty of power under the hood.

The Golf's automatic eight-speed, 1.4-liter engine delivers 184 pound-feet of torque and 147 horsepower. The engine moves efficiently through the gears, but for drivers who prefer more control over their ride in situations, the Golf's Tiptronic mode allows for manual shifting.  


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