Discover the Volkswagen Golf's Performance Features

In the compact car class, Volkswagen consistently provides drivers with stylish vehicles that perform well either on the highway or around town. Its popular Golf is an enduring design honed over decades. A favorite with drivers, it offers a roomy cabin, comfortable interior and plenty of power under the hood.

The Golf's automatic eight-speed, 1.4-liter engine delivers 184 pound-feet of torque and 147 horsepower. The engine moves efficiently through the gears, but for drivers who prefer more control over their ride in situations, the Golf's Tiptronic mode allows for manual shifting.  


Introducing the Connected Volkswagen Passat

If you have ever wanted to check up on your vehicle but didn't have the opportunity to physically see it, Volkswagen has you covered. The new Passat is available with the VW Car-Net Security and Service package. Drivers will be able to monitor and control their vehicle from anywhere in the world.

The innovative package works with a compatible smartphone. The car connects to the service remotely and provides you with in-depth information. One of the most useful features is the open vehicle notification system.  


Get to Know the Safety Features of the Volkswagen Atlas SUV

Your family is more valuable to you than anything else and you worry about their safety when on the road. The Atlas is a popular family SUV from Volkswagen and it is set up with safety features to help you look out for your family.

There is high-strength steel used in certain areas of the Atlas to help this vehicle stand strong when it is involved in a crash. There are also alert systems that are part of this automobile and that can help you stay safe. One important alert system lets you know if you dealing with an issue…

Consider the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack for the Technology It Offers

When you are looking for a compact car, you are seeking out something that can get you about in a reliable way but is also fun to drive. The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack features the technology that you need to have a good time on the road.

You can connect all of your favorite apps to your ride when you purchase the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack. This vehicle allows you access to those apps on its special touchscreen. If you want access to satellite radio while on the go, you should consider purchasing this vehicle and getting set up with Sirius XM…

How to Protect Yourself and Your Property Following an Accident

Getting into an accident will always be terrifying, but there are some steps that you can take to protect yourself and your vehicle following a collision. Here is a look at a few simple tips that you can use to quickly move past one of these situations with the compensation that you deserve.

The best way to build a solid case after an auto accident is to collect as much information as possible. Once you have collected that information and are sure everyone is safe, you must then contact your insurance provider. 


Drivers and Bicycles Must Share the Road

The increase of bicyclists in towns and cities across the country has changed the driving experience. Many areas have installed bike lanes and trails. Automobile operators must use extra care when driving in the increased levels of bicycle traffic. Parked vehicles must also consider passing bikes; drivers and occupants should check before opening doors on the street traffic side.

Drivers must stay alert, avoid distractions, and pay particular attention when operating near bicycles. Automobiles must look for bikes when making turns including right turns on red signals. 


The 2018 Volkswagen Golf Infotainment Center

A high-quality infotainment system is a must-have in any modern vehicle. Luckily, the 2018 Volkswagen has a robust system filled with great features. This popular compact car is fully capable of keeping you entertained and connected.

The Golf is available with a large 8-inch touch screen. It's covered in glass to make it more responsive and tactile. The system uses high-resolution graphics and reacts to your touch like a tablet. 


2018 Volkswagen Beetle Safety Features

The VW Beetle is one of the most popular compact cars on the market today. That is why our experienced team here at Hatfield Volkswagen is so excited about the brand new 2018 model with incredible safety features.

The Beetle features a braking system which is able to automatically stop the vehicle in the case of a collision. This is ideal because most crashes are a result of loss of control and thus drivers are not able to brake for themselves. 


Learn More About an Infotainment System

When you are shopping for a vehicle, it is helpful to know what technology features that it offers. One technology feature that many vehicles come with is an infotainment system. To gain an understanding of an infotainment system, read our summary below.

Different automobile manufacturers market infotainment systems under specific names. These systems give you the ability to make hands-free calls and texts by using voice command...


How Do They Run Front-Impact Safety Tests?

The testing of vehicles to determine their safety standards is a recent improvement in vehicle safety. For many years, consumers were forced to accept the reputation of vehicles and the word of salespersons that the vehicle is safe. Today, two principal organizations conduct safety tests on new vehicles—the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).


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