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Welcome to our model reviews page. Here, we hope to provide you with a primer on each vehicle manufactured by Volkswagen so that you can make an informed decision. Since it is a big purchase, having some detailed information regarding the features of each model and the brand, in general, can help a lot. Most drivers are relying on our quality model reviews to begin the shopping process before they even step foot in our dealership. Let's look at some key features that you'll find in all Volkswagen models below.

Volkswagen Beetle

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Fun & Easy to Drive

Volkswagen is known for its world-class handling and pocket-rocket performance. What this means is that you'll feel comfortable driving your Volkswagen at any pace. The power is there when you need it but not overwhelming to the point that the vehicle feels like it wants to lunge. You will find that some sports cars are just too much to handle for daily driving. Driving a Volkswagen is low stress and so easy that even your grandmother or a new driver will feel like they've mastered driving when they go for a spin in a Volkswagen.

Affordable & Technologically Advanced Engineering

Volkswagen vehicles embody everything that German engineering has to offer. These hot models are tweaked to the ultimate degree for handling, performance, and comfort mixed into the ideal package. Although all car brands crossover and have so many similarities, it seems like Volkswagen always refines the execution of these technologies far better than their rivals. Their automatic transmissions shift smoother. Their turbocharged engines spool quicker. And their safety features work without any frustration whatsoever.

Many Volkswagen models also feature the all-wheel-drive upgrade called 4MOTION®. 4MOTION® is a technology that allows the vehicles to transfer all of their power to a single wheel on slick or unstable surfaces. This makes navigating the roads in the inclement weather that many North Americans face, a breeze. The significant part is that 4MOTION® is very affordable and available in even smaller vehicles. We can't say the same for the alternative German brands that offer similar technology.

And what you will find about Volkswagen is that all the engineering of the vehicles works together in this perfect harmony. It is almost like the vehicle reads your mind or has a mind of its own to drive you safely to any destination. Volkswagen models are known to have a lot more personality than most models out there.

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